That's a nice, long staple length BB is
contributing.  I have already "skirted" the
kempy  fiber from around his lower leg and
rear, leaving the fiber I want on the goat.  
Sometimes I skirt first, other times I take the
good fiber and leave the skirt for last.
One bag of Primary (Best) fiber, all lined up in with the cut side
out.  The  bag on the left is Secondary fiber, maybe with a small
amount of vegetable matter or tip matting or kemp, still good for
handspinning.  The third choice fiber ends up in the barn cats
beds to keep them warm during the long, wet Oregon winters.  
Fourth and final choice makes great mulch around my garden.
Shearing A Pygora Goat
Shearing "BB," a Pygora wether with Fiskers.  
Hand shearing with Fiskers allows me to leave some warm
fiber on the goat so he won't get too cold.
Hand shearing for handspinning is best when
taking no second cuts, so the goat often has a
"bad" haircut, but he will be warmer than he
would be with a nice even clip with electric