Yarn Sett Gauge with 2 Slots
Solid Brass Yarn Gauge with ½ inch and 1 inch slots.

  • Measures yarn or thread wraps per inch (WPI).
  • Use WPI to estimate knitting or crochet gauge, suggest needle or
    hook size and estimate yards per pound.  
  • WPI is especially useful for comparing two yarns such as when you
    want to use a different yarn than called for in a pattern.
  • Instructions with handy chart are included.
  • Hand polished solid brass, with ribbon loop. This tool is 3 ¼ inch
    long overall, plus ribbon.
  • Use this by wrapping your yarn around the gauge in one of the
    slots.  Wrap firmly but without stretching, keeping the wraps close
    together.  When the slot is full of yarn, count the number of wraps
    (multiply by 2 if you used the ½” slot) and you have determined the
    WPI of your yarn or thread.  

Made in Oregon, U.S.A.  The quality of this tool is outstanding.  
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