Spinning wheels are wonderful and fun.  
We enjoy reconditioning them and tuning
them up so they can bring you the same
sense of enjoyment we have when we
spin on our wheels.  If you live in the
Portland, Oregon area come out and take
a few for a test drive.
Clemes & Clemes
  Hand Carders
  • Natural, light colored finish
  • Very Good condition, wood has a few marks on the
    back of one carder, other is in great condition.  Cloth
    is in good condition, no rust.

These are a very nice pair of hand carders.  Clemes and
Clemes is no longer producing handspinning products and
their items are sought after for their high quality.

Email for more information.
Coming Soon (in the shop now):

  • Drum Carder -  Coarse Tooth, chain drive

  • Drum Carder -  Fine Tooth

  • Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel, single
    drive, with three bobbins and lazy kate.

  • Warping Board made of Maple by Dick
    Duncan, maker of the wonderful Duncan
    Carders.  Made in Oregon, USA
Reconditioned Spinning Wheels
Spinning Wheels Available Today:  Each
wheel is unique and is available until sold.  We have  
spinning wheels come in regularly, so if you want something
specific please contact us and we can let you know if we
have one that will be ready soon or we can try to find
exactly the wheel you are looking for.
Hand Carders are often available, see the bottom of the page
Drum Carders are sometimes available, they go fast!  
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel
  • Nice, light honey finish
  • Stretchy Band
  • Single Drive with Scotch Tension
  • Three bobbins
  • $285 + actual shipping (or pickup in Portland, OR area)
  • Also available: Lazy Kate for $9.50 more with wheel
This wheel has great action and is fun to spin on.   See Two Speed
Single Drive Flyer in inset photo, note how the drive band wraps
around the base of the flyer.  The yarn I spun on this wheel is not
included, but the wheel works great!
Louet S10 Spinning Wheel
  • Light oil and hand waxed finish
  • Modern Scandanavian Design
  • Louet tensioning system
  • Three bobbins
  • Built in Lazy Kate
  • $299 + actual shipping (or pickup in Portland, OR area)

Louet wheels are always popular.  The heel-toe action on this
wheel is very nice.  Another nice feature of Louet wheel is the large
bobbin capacity.
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel
Double Drive
  • Natural, light honey finish
  • Double Drive option and Scotch Tension option, use either
    one with this wheel!
  • One double drive bobbin
  • $329 + actual shipping (or pickup in Portland, OR area)

This is a beautiful wheel that gives you the versatility of spinning in
Scotch Tension or Double Drive.

See the Double Drive Flyer below, the drive band wraps around
both the whorl (on the left) and the bobbin (right side of drive band).