Spinning Wheel Orifice Hook Silver & Gold
Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Wire Orifice Hook for spinning.  

Amazing, One Of A Kind item.  This orifice hook is about 5 1/2 inches overall.

The loop handle is solid 925 Sterling Silver.  The hooked wire is solid 20 gauge 14K Gold Wire, it is not
plated or gold filled base metal.  

But for the cost, 20 gauge 14K Gold Wire is an excellent material for this tool because it will bend and hold
shape very well.  It should never corrode and is repairable.

This fine gauge hook is perfectly sturdy for use as an orifice hook while spinning fiber on a spinning wheel.

This is a hand made item, crafted in Oregon, U.S.A.  This is designed as a tool that you will bend to work
best with your spinning wheel.  
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